Monday, October 18, 2010

Rebel Angles: Libba Bray

Rebel Angles is the second book in The Gemma Doyle trilogy. The story takes place in the late 1800s in England. In the first book A Great and Terrible Beauty the main character, Gemma Doyle, learns something that will change her life for ever. She was living in India and it was her sixteenth birthday, and her mother mysteriously died. Her father said it was from cholera however Gemma knew the truth. Gemma is able to see visions thanks to her mother, who was apart of this secret society of women called the Order. These women had control of a place called the Realms which is a world between life and death. After her mother dies Gemma is sent to Spence Academy in England. There she meets three girls and the become friends. At the school one of their teachers tells myths about a place called the Realms and the Order and the girls find out this is true. Gemma finds a way to enter the Realms so all of the girls go there and Gemma finds her mother there. While in the Realms they have a magical power to do anything; turn flowers into butterflies and make knights in shinning armor appear. Gemma's mother tells her that not everything in the Realms is fun and games. Her mother's enemy, Cierce, is the one who killed Gemma's mom. She wants to control all of the magic in the Realms and to get that she needs to break the Temple, which is where the magic is stored. In the end of the book the girls fight one of Cierce's assassins, unfortunately one of the girls die. Gemma breaks the Temple and she is the one to control all of the magic. Also I cannot give every detail because I do not want to ruin the books if some of you want to read them.

In Rebel Angels the girls realize that Gemma herself holds the magic so she can do what ever she wants outside of the Realms. The girls also find that their friend who died in the 1st book is in the Realms so they can see her. The girls thought that they had destroyed Cierce but they did not. They find out that their most trusted teacher at the school is Cierce herself. Gemma has difficulty dealing with her mothers death, but her father is taking the hardest hit for it. He struggles with a drinking and drug problem but she tries to get through it. Her two best friends at the school only seem to like her because she has a magic power that she can share with them and they become upset when she cannot give them magic. As I said earlier I cannot give every detail because it will spoil the ending, so you will have to read it for yourself.

This book has two themes. One is have good judgement when choosing your friends and how women are treated unequally, but with a little magic everything can change. At Spence the girls are taught to walk with books on their heads, music, French, and how to be the perfect lady. All of the girls that go to Spence will be a house wife for the rest of their lives.

1. This book takes place in the 1890's, in which ways have women become more important in society? So they are not just wives and mothers, but actually have a say in society.

2. Do you think that Gemma's friends were true friends and actually like her for herself and not just what she had to offer? Would you be friends with someone who just wanted what you had?


Hannah K. 1-2 said...

Since the time period of Rebel Angels, women have expanded their horizons greatly. They are able to hold the same jobs as men, and go to the same schools. Also, they can dress as they want to, and are not expected to marry a man to prove their worth. Politically, they are able to vote and hold office.

I believe that Gemma's friends liked her both for what she had to offer, and her personality. There are moments in the book when Bray shows the reader how the girls actually do care for one another, though they are admittedly rare. Gemma does have a special gift, which surely greatly influences her friend's view of her, and is likely a large reason for their friendship. However, her talent allowed them all to remain friends longer and to get to know each other, which seems to have resulted in deeper friendships. Despite this, it is always important to find and prioritize friends that always put you ahead of what they stand to gain from the relationship.

Megan M 1-2 said...

See I don't know about that because when Gemma stops giving the girls their own magic to have they ignore her and isolate her from everyone so, yes maybe Ann likes her for her personality but I don't think Felicity likes anything else besides what she has to offer.