Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wherever Nina Lies

Wherever Nina Lies by Lynn Weingarten is about a girl named Ellie Wringley who has a missing sister, Nina. Ellie tries to find Nina many times but fails. One day Ellie goes to her friend Amanda's work, The Attic. While there Ellie finds a book with a picture in it that Nina drew. The picture has a phone number on it. Ellie and Amanda call the number and learn that the guy has parties all the time at a big house called Mothership. Ellie remembers that Nina used to go to these parties all the time. So Ellie and Amanda go to Mothership. At the party Ellie tries to find Nina and asks people if they know her. Nina meets a boy, Sean. While talking to Sean, Ellie sees the guy that she had talked with on the phone. The guy is not helpful and makes Ellie mad. She runs upstairs and takes a sledgehammer; the party is a destruction party. Ellie hits the wall and the next thing she knows is the house is burning to the ground.

The next day Sean finds Ellie at her work. Sean takes Ellie home. Ellie tells Sean about Nina. He tells her that his brother died and he would love to help Ellie find Nina because there is nothing he can do to help his brother. Ellie and Sean find a credit card of Nina's and go online to see what she bought with it. One purchase was a snowboard and the other purchase was a breakfast at a diner, Sweetie's in Nebraska. Ellie and Sean go to Nebraska.

When they get to Sweetie's there is a tour bus in the parking lot. Ellie goes to the bathroom which is covered in Sharpie drawings. Ellie sees a drawing of a boy and a bus with the writting Cakey <3's J and the bus number 257. Cakey was Nina's nickname. Ellie runs out and tells Sean. The bus in the parking lot has the number 257. So Ellie and Sean follow the bus.

The bus takes them to Denver. In Denver Ellie sees a sign that says, "Get a tattoo at Bijoux Ink. 2740 Colfax Avenue" (157). Ellie and Nina had an imaginary dog named, Bijoux. They go to Bijoux Ink and find a picture of Nina and a band. Ellie takes the picture and they go to Bottom Forty, a music store. There they meet Jamie and Jamie. The Jamies tell them that the band is The Monsterhands and they are having a concert in Phoneix in the Spit Pavillion. Ellie, Sean and the Jamies go to Phoneix.

When they get there Ellie goes and talks to the band. To get in she tells the guard she is Nina. The band tells Ellie that the last time they saw Nina was when they dropped her off at a house in Big Sur with a snowboard. Ellie goes to find Sean and tells him.

On their way to Big Sur they stop at a gas station. Sean tells Ellie he hired a privatae investigator and the investigator told him Nina was dead. Ellie doesn't believe him. She screams and cries. Instead of going to Big Sur, they stop at a hotel. Ellie wakes up in the morning and remembers what strange things happened that night. She remembers tracing scars on Sean and him putting a breifcase in the back of a closet. Ellie askes Sean to get her a salad for breakfast. While he is gone she finds the briefcase and the combination is Cakey.

1. Do you think Ellie finds Nina?

2. If your sibling went missing would you try to find him/her to such extremes as Ellie did? (Ellie's mom didn't help her in finding Nina. Everytime she would ask her mom for help her mom would tell her to stop).


Renae G. 1-2 said...

1. Yes i think Ellie will find Nina. All the hard work Ellie did will pay off and I think Ellie will her sibling.

2. If my brother went missing I would most definitely go searching for him. I do not know how far to the extremes I would go but I would definitely try my best.

Laura P 7-8 said...

2.) If one of my siblings went missing and i had the clues that Ellie had I would definitely give it a shot. However, I would not want it to get as extreme as going to different states, but I would hope that my searching would do some good.

Kaitlyn K 7-8 said...

2) If one of my siblings went missing i would try my hardest to find them but if it went to some of the extremes that Ellie had to go through I think i would leave it up to the police.

jessica b 1/2 said...

2. If one of my siblings went missing I think I would search for them up to an extent. Also, if the mom will not help her in her quest for her daughter, she is probably hiding from Ellie.

Leah K. 7-8 said...

2. If my sibling went missing I would do everything I could to find them. I would not do everything that she did but I would try to do some things to find them.

Heather B. 1-2 said...

1.) I do not think she will find Nina. After so much time had passed, even if she was still alive, she could be anywhere.

2.) I would hope I would have as much courage and persistance as Ellie.

AnaleeL7-8 said...

1) Yes I think Ellie finds Nina because after all the hard work she has put in I dont think she will give up until she finds her.

Sevgim A.1-2 said...

Ellie does find Nina in the end and they live happily ever after pretty much. Ellie learns that Sean's brother was Nina's boyfriend. Sean was jealous of him and so Sean killed him sell he could be with Nina.

Ellie and Nina's mom knew why Nina went missing. Right after Sean killed Jason (Sean's brother) Nina disappeared. I think the mom just wanted to keep her kids safe by not putting everything in the open. So she didn't help find Nina becaus she knew Nina was alright.

Mrs. Sherwood said...

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