Sunday, March 20, 2011

Burned by Ellen Hopkins

This book is about a girl name Pattyn von Stratten who is raised in a devout mormon family. Her father is abusive and, at one time, had more than one wife. She has several brothers and sisters and because she is the oldest she usually ends up taking care of them while her mother is in bed all day. When she starts acting out by hanging out with guys and starting to do bad in school her dad sends her out to her aunts house. While she is there she meets Ethan. She falls in love with him and when it is time to go he drives her back. When she gets home she realizes that she is pregnant with Ethan's child. She tells him and tells her family about what happened and runs away. When Ethan picks her up she tells him to drive and they decide to go to California. Because the police are following them Ethan starts to speed up and looses control around a curve and they get in an accident. Both Ethan and Pattyn's baby die, her father disowns her, and she is faced with the decision to move on or shoot everyone who ever caused her pain. When she goes back home she tells her father that if he would just say that he loved her that she would spare him but he will not say it.

If you were Pattyn and you knew that your father was abusing your mother and yourself, would you tell someone or keep it to yourself like Pattyn's father tells her too?
What would you do after you found out that your father disowned you and both the love of your life and your child died? Would you do the same thing as Pattyn?


Leah K. 7-8 said...

1. I would not keep it to myself. If I didn't tell anyone then the abuse would just keep going on and I would be scared all the time. Also if I saw my mother was helpless and couldn't do anything to stop the abuse either then I would definitely tell someone so I wouldn't have to go through the pain and see my mom go through that pain too.
2. I would not go and shoot anyone that has caused me pain. I would feel very guilty after I did that and it wouldn't help anything get better. I would just try to forget what happened and move on.

Laura P 7-8 said...

1.) I would definitely not keep that to myself. Chances are that knowing that would eventually become overwhelming and I would not want to be living in fear of what would keep happening if I didn't say anything.

Mrs. Sherwood said...