Sunday, March 6, 2011

In a heavily guarded mansion in a Virginia suburb, a thief by the name of Luther Whitney starts to burglarize the place. But he is trapped in the vault, with a one-way mirror being the only thing separating him from witnessing the murder of a woman. Not only is it any woman, but it is Christine Sullivan, wife of the famous Walter Sullivan. She and the president went to her house, but she ends up trying to kill him. The Secret Service barely saves the president’s life by shooting her. They clean the place up but don’t realize Luther was there the whole time. They clean the place up, but Luther finds on epiece of evidene that they forgot. When the local police find the body, they are baffled at the circumstances surrounding this mysterious case. The reso f the book involves a dangerous game that Luther plays with the Secret Service, trying to reveal the president for who he really is.

The Secret Service acted quickly in doing their jobs and killing Christine Sullivan to protect the president, even while compromising their own ethics. How do people justify doing their jobs while maintaining their ethics?

If you were in the Secret Service agents position would you do your job and kill the woman, or would your morals take precedence?


Hannah J. 7-8 said...

1. I think they justify doing their jobs because it is a job they signed up to do and they knew fully well what they would have to do and the risks of signing up for that job.

Mrs. Sherwood said...

Thread graded.