Saturday, October 30, 2010

Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies by Erin Dionne

The book Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies by Erin Dionne is the story of how thirteen year-old Celeste Harris becomes a Chubby Teen model.Celeste had always been comfortable with her weight and did not let anybody try to persuade her to change, until, her Aunt Doreen enrolled her in the Miss HuskyPeach contest and Celeste was mortified. In only eighth grade she was already having trouble with losing her best friend, Sandra, to the mean girl Lively Carson, and now she had to run in a contest for a plus sized clothing store. Celeste decides that the only way to lose the competition was to lose as much weight as possible so she was no longer eligible to run. She tries making diet drinks that taste horrible, but she finally decides to simply exercise and give up her beloved chocolate cookies until the contest is over. Then, on the first fashion show for the competition she had lost so much weight that her dress fell down. After that, Celeste realized that being skinny was not a bad thing and she liked feeling healthy and confident in her skin. She ends up losing the contest but was runner-up, and decides to still lay off the cookies every once in a while be cause she liked the way she looked.

In America today what is the reason being overweight is frowned upon?

Would Celeste have been as happy about her weight loss if she would have continued to use the diet drinks rather than just exercising and eating healthy?


Heather B. 1-2 said...

1.) Being extremely overweight can be considered a helath risk. However, for those in America who let airbrushed media influence their judgement of people, health is not considered. In most cases, judging someone who is overweight is not so much in the concern for health, but for reasons of vanity.

2.) Celeste would not have been healthy, should she have stuck with the diet drinks, because she really would not have accomplished anything. By working hard she has a reason to be proud of herself.

Morgan O 7-8 said...

1) Culture in America has turned people of both gender self conscious about their body. Yes being overweight can be a health risk but so can being skinny. With the way companies advertise now, from a young age people are exposed to models, actresses, and performers who they should be able to look at as roll models, but instead some of them have to starve themselves just to keep their jobs. People frown upon people who are overweight because model thin looks are considered a part of our culture.
2) It is possible that she could have been happy with her diet drinks if they had worked and she was still healthy while drinking them (If she was eating other food and did not develop an eating disorder). Even though eating healthy is a good thing, diets can be dangerous and lead to diseases such as bulimia and anorexia. If the diet drinks were not a detriment to her health i would say yes she would still be happy, but there also is the risk she would have become obsessive about her looks and therefore would never be happy about her appearance.

Sevgim A.1-2 said...

I think people look down apon overweight people because they think overweight people are lazy and it is their own fault for being overweight.

No, I think Celeste would feel bad if she continued with the diet drinks. The best way to loose weight is excercise and eating better. Celeste was right to not stick with the diet drinks.

Amanda F 7-8 said...

).1 being overweight in the u.s. is looked down upon because there are so many stereotypes for them. also because they do not follow the typical "american".@"sevgim" i think your answer is completely absurd. Some people can't help how big they are and it is not their faults, someone might have a really slow metabolism and not eat much and get huge on the other hand someone with a high metabolism might be skinny but on the other hand they might eat alot more.

).2 no, i think most things telling you that they are going to make you lose weight are a sham and wont work anyway.

Miranda R. 7-8 said...

Being overweight is frowned upon in America because people view it as a result of laziness. They think that if someone is overweight it's because they do not care about thier appearance. She would not have been as happy about her weight loss if she had continued to use diet drinks because they it would not have been a big accomplishment. She was proud she worked hard for her body.

Renae G. 1-2 said...

Being overweight is frowned upon because it is an extreme health issue. Many Americans are struggling with obesity and it is taking over their entire life.

Mrs. Sherwood said...