Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs by Laurie Graff

In this book, the main character, Karrie Kline is an actor. Karrie appears on commercials or does radio commercials. Being left by her father at a young age, she has never truly experienced the love of a man. Though her mother remarries to a nice man named Harry, it is just not the same as having her own father. Throughout this novel, the reader experiences the trials and tribulations of a single, middle aged woman who struggles to find herself.
While being a youngster, Karrie's Grandma Rose always told Karrie she deserved a normal life, with a good father and a safe home. Her granmother also told her that, when she grew up, she would find a nice man to settle down with. Well here she is, thirty years old and spending Rosh Hashana with her boyfriend David, seems normal right? Wrong. David is a first year surgical intern and spends most of his off call time sleeping. To make things more complicated, David's father becomes deathly ill. David and Karrie have a very cloudy, distant and ambivalent relationship, which unfortunately leads to a break-up for Karrie.
Luckily for Karrie, she meets a new man named Roman. For the two of them, the relationship is pure bliss. As a couple, they just worked. But then reality came knocking and Roman remembered a sweet-heart back in his home town named Julie, who he decided to marry while seeing Karrie. In the middle of the book, Roman comes back to Karrie, but that's not all. Roman sees Karrie while he is on a business trip and incidently, Karrie becomes his love affair. With promises to leave his wife, Roman and Karrie pick up right where they got off and evidently they end with the same conclusion. Roman will stay with Julie.
And at the conclusion of the book, Karrie runs into a man named Jeff who she thinks they belong together. Somehow, when they first meet, Karrie gets this nagging feeling like Jeff still has some unresloved issues with his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, this means Jeff needs to take a break from their relationship. Almost a year later, Jeff writes Karrie a letter explianing everything and asking if Karrie would like to see him. Karrie decides to go with her judgement and not even bother to give Jeff the time of day. In conclusion, Karrie ends the book the same way she began it, single.

Do you think Karrie is ok with being single?

Do you think Karrie is searching for a relationship, or is she just going with the tide and doing whatever comes along?

Do you think Karrie will ever find Mr. Right?


Ashlyn W. 7-8 said...

I don't think Karrie is okay with being single. She feels the need to be loved by a man. Even though these relationships all have not worked out for her, I think that one day, if she doesn't give up, she can find Mr. Right.

Josie D 7/8 said...

1. I think at the beginning Karrie is simply desperate to have love froma man, not really caring who it came from. Towards the end of the book though, she seems to become a little more sure of herself and while she still seems to want a boyfriend, she is now able to pick and choose.
3. I think eventually, if she kiips looking and makes the right choices, she can find someone who is good for her.