Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kissed by an Angel

Kissed by an Angel by Eliazabeth Chandler is a mystery that tells a story of a teenage girl, named Ivy Lyons and her boyfriend/ guardian angel Tristan Carruthers, the high school's swimming star, in the small town of Stonehill, Connecticut. Ivy has a deep connection with angels. Her favorite being the water angel because she is terrified of water and believes the angels will be able to save her from harm. Gregory one of the cool kids in school is now her new step-brother. Her mom recently remarried Andrew, Gregory's father, so Ivy, Philip and their mom move in with them. Philip, Ivy's younger brother is not too happy about the remarriage and doesn't like Andrew or Gregory until Andrew showers him with gifts.

One evening when Ivy was on her way home from work, she had to drop off a package. It was raining, but she was able to spot a red motorcycle. As she dropped off the package, she caught a glimpse of something through the window and immediately rushed home.

As Ivy and Tristan get to know each other, their relationship begins to blossom. On the night of Tristan's and Ivy's date, they were driving on a narrow road near the river speeding past the waves of trees, when Ivy spots a deer and it stops in the middle of the road. There is a problem. The brakes in the car are not working and there was no where to veer cause of the trees on both sides of the road.

That night Ivy lost the only person she truly trusted and she completely gave up on angels. As the story develops with Tristan now a guardian angel of Ivy, one theme truly stands out. True love never ends even after life. As an angel, Tristan has to complete a mission to move on as he is the only one that knows why the brakes didn't work. He now has to try and save Ivy's life.

Discussion Questions
1. When Tristan died Ivy completely gave up on Angels. In order for Tristan to communicate with people on Earth they have to believe in Angels. Was Ivy justified for not believing in them anymore after all that she went through?


Sarah N. 7-8 said...

First of all is this book in a series? I think that in times of grief people deal with loss in a different way. The way you wrote your post made it seem that Ivy had a real hard time trusting people. It would only make sense that since the two things she cared or believed in the most (angels and Tristan) were both lost, as a result of the accident, of course she would loose faith. I think that it is justified, because before she met Tristan angels gave Ivy's life meaning and since Tristan died her life lost its meaning.

Heather B. 1-2 said...

Discussion Question
1.) Ivy seems to have gone through a lot in her life and angels were her escape and what she could hold on to when times got bad. But, losing a person she trusted understandably shook her faith. Though, with an outsider's perspective, it only seems right that she begin to believe in angels again, to her it is definately justified that she re-evaluate what angels mean if she feels that it is angels that failed her.

Abby M. 1-2 said...

1. I do think that Ivy was justified in loosing her hope inn angels. She was going through some very difficult times in her life, with the divorce and remarrige of her parents, and angels were the things that she kept her faith in, and that she trusted. When Tristan died, this trust fell apart, and rightfully so. Tristan's death was cold hard proof to Ivy that angels do not exist, because if they did they would have saved him. Though I think that her unbelief is justified, I also think that in life, the truest things are also the ones that seem the most absurd, so you must belive, even though there is no evidence to make you believe.

Kyle N.1-2 said...

I think it was justified, because of you have a lot of hope in something, and it fails you, you feel betrayed. A circumstance where someone close to you dies, and you feel there was a way it could have been prevented (by Angels, in this case), you lose trust and love for them.