Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thirteen Reasons Why

What do you think Clay's first reaction was when he found out Hannah Baker committed suicide?

What do you think the first thing Clay would do if he could go back in time and stop Hannah from killing herself?


Morgan O 7-8 said...

1) Based off of the summery of the novel I would say Clay was probably feeling a mixture of shock and guilt base off of the news. If he was a part of the reason she had committed suicide then he most likely was wishing he could go back and help her.

2)If clay could go back in time and keep Hannah from killing herself I think the first thing he would do is tell her how he really felt about her because not only would it make her feel like she had something worth living for, but he would know if he actually had a chance with her instead of wondering forever what could have happened.

Spencer P. 1-2 said...

I believe Clay's first reaction when he found out that Hannah Baker committed suicide was initially shock, grief, and then guilt. Clay probably felt guilty because he felt as is he could have and should have done something to stop Hannah from killing herself. If Clay were to go back in time, i believe that he would have firstly told Hannah about how he felt about her and secondly been a friend to her and stood up to the rumors that were spread about her. Clay probably felt remorse that he had not done these things while Hannah was alive.

Laura P 7-8 said...

1.) I believe that Clay's reaction towards Hannah's suicide was shock, and after finding the tapes guilt, since he must think he's a reason for her death.

2.)If Clay could go back in time to stop her, he would probably reach out to her more at work and try and befriend her so she wouldn't have so much drama going on her life with the rumors.

Nicole H. 7-8 said...

1). I think Clay felt shock and guilt. Clay thought that he was, in a way, responsible for her act of suicide.

2). If Clay could go back in time before Hannah committed suicide, I believe he would have struck up a better relationship with her; talked to her and gotten to know her. Clay may have also asked her to go and see a movie with him after work. Once Clay had gotten to know her, he would have found out about the drama circulating her life. I think he would have tried to comfort her and talk her through it. I think Clay would have tried to serve as a shield to Hannah.

Leah K. 7-8 said...

1. His first reaction was probably guilt because he was one of the reasons she killed herself.

2. If he could go back and stop Hannah from killing herself he would probably tell her how he really felt about her. He probably would have tried to be friends with her and got to know her.

Anonymous said...

Those are all good answers. In the book it does not really tell about Clay's first reaction when he found out Hannah killed herself. Jay Asher just says that Clay looked over at the empty desk where Hannah usually sat and the teacher informed the class of the bad new.

Thinking about what Clay would do is kind of tricky because the reader does not know if Clay would try to befriend Hannah or if we would do exactly what he did before and just stand by and watch the rumors spread around the school.

Lindsay S. 7-8 said...

When Clay found out about Hannah's suicide, he probably felt guilty because in a way he had something to do with her suicide. And if Clay could go back in time, he would probably try to have a real conversation with Hannah and try getting to know her better.