Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is about a girl name Hannah Baker who committed suicide because people began to start drama and spread rumors about her. She overdosed on pills because she could not take the drama anymore. Before she committed suicide she recorded thirteen tapes about thirteen different reasons why she killed herself. Each reason was a different person that impacted her life in some way. Some people were girls who she thought were her friends or some were close boyfriends.

Hannah mailed the box of tapes to the first person on her list and after that person listened to the tapes, they were instructed to pass them on to the next person on the list. The tapes would be passed on to all thirteen people and after the thirteenth person listened to the tapes, they were instructed to keep the tapes and live with the guilt. Everyone who listened to the tapes knew they were in some way a reason why Hannah killed herself.

Throughout the book Clay Jenson is listening to all thirteen tapes. He is so nervous while listening to the tapes because he knows he is somehow responsible for Hannah's death. He listens to all of the tapes in one night and passes them on to the next person like he was instructed to do. After he listens to all the tapes he knows more about the real Hannah Baker behind all the rumors and drama. Before Hannah died, Clay had the biggest crush on her but never had the courage to have a real conversation with her. He went to school with her and worked with her at the movie theater for a little bit but never really got to know her. He wished he could go back in time and have a better relationship with her.

Before Hannah committed suicide she put a map of the city in the thirteen people's lockers. On each map were thirteen red stars on important places where certain events happened. Throughout the thirteen tapes she mentioned the stared places and told the listeners to visit them while they were listening so they could understand what she is talking about a little better. She said she could not force them to visit the places but she hoped they would.


Andrew C 7-8 said...

I think it is interesting that Hannah methodically put the tapes together for everyone who ultimately played a role in her suicide. Clay must have wondered how his crush played a part and why he never felt comfortable learning who the real Hannah was while she was alive. I am sure Clay is replaying his moments with Hannah in his mind to see where he missed the signals. It shows that one action can change someone else's life.

Anonymous said...

Yes, throughout the book while Clay was listenienig to each and everyone of the tapes and visiting all of the places on the map, he wondered what Hannah was going to say about him and where it would take him.