Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Walk To Remember- Nicholas Sparks

"Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it."

What happens when the highschool stud falls for the crazy science girl? Stories like these never end well. When Landon Carter fell deeply in love with Jamie Sullivan their lives were changed forever. They grew up in the same schools. He was the rebellious boy, and she was the Jesus-freak of a girl. Her father was the church's reverand, she was the one always with her bible in her hands.

When Landon got into some trouble, he was told he had to participate in the school play. Which was ran by Jamie and her father. As he began spending more time with her, he began slowly falling in love. He was no longer embarassed of her nerdy outfits, or her bible. He learned more about her on a personal level. She was an amazing singer, really smart, an only child living with her dad, and loved each and every one of the stars. The more he learned the harder he fell for her.

Until one day, she found that she had lukemia a deadly form of cancer. She knew she had little time to live, but she did not tell Landon until she was visibly sick. She just wanted to spend all the rest of the time she had with her loving boyfriend and caring father. When Landon found how sick she really was, he was truly upset. He bought her a star and spent as much time with her as possible.

"Love is patient love is kind...."

1) What would you do if you had one day left on earth?

2) Do you think it's possible today, to fall for someone you thought you "knew" all of your life?


Sarah N. 7-8 said...

2. I think that in their case they did not spend enough time together, so I believe that it is possible. If a person was just in your class, or merely went to the same school you wouldn't know them until you spent time together. The more time you spend together, sure you could fall in love.

Freddy B. 7-8 said...

1. I would go out and do something really risky but really fun. Like cliff diving or jumping from an airplane without a parachute but with one of those flying suits.

jessica b 1/2 said...

1. If I knew it was my last day I would do something super fun and spend the time with my best friends and family.

2. I believe it could be possible in any situation since anything is possible.

Ashlyn W. 7-8 said...

2) I think it is possible to fall for something that you thought you knew all your life. Even though you thought you knew them, you might not have actually known who they truly are. Once you get to know someone better, things change and anything is possible.

Nicole H. 7-8 said...

1). I would spend it with eveyone I love like friends and family. I would also try to do something I have always wanted to try but never had the courage to do.
2). I think it is possible to fall in love with someone you thought you knew. Anything is possible.

Sydney M 7-8 said...

1. If i had one day left on earth, I would spend it with my friends and family. And i would do something risky and something I normally wouldn't do. I would live life to the fullest that last day.
2. Just because you think you know someone, doesn't mean you actually do. And when you really truly get to know that person, it is possible to fall for them.

Sara D. 7-8 said...

1) If I knew I only had one day left on Earth I would probably waste all my money on really fun things to do. Also, I would take my family and friends along with me, like everyone else.

Avi D. 7/8 said...

1. I would really, no joke, read an article on things to do before I dies and perform one of those tasks that seems the most doable at the time.
2. I agree with Nicole, Anything is possible. If I really connect with this person and they connect with me our relationship can go really far.

Laura P 7-8 said...

1.) I would definitely want to spend time with my friends and family and then do something I would never do otherwise.

AnaleeL7-8 said...

1) If I only had one day left i would spend it with my family.

Anonymous said...

1. If I only had one day left on Eath I would make sure my family and friends know that I love them and I would thank them for everything.

2. I believe anything is possible so I believe it is possible to fall in love with someone I thought I knew all my life because I did not really ever get to know them.